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EngelHard 100oz Bars

I have a friend asking me about these and I honestly have no Idea?

Are these old Engelhards worth a bit more than Spot? I see them going on APMEX for $2600 each currently BUT I researched a little and it looks like they are pretty old and not many made so are they worth a good price?

Thank you for any help everyone :smile:


  • Usually the larger the bar the lower the premium. Since they are vintage Engelhard bars i'm sure you will still be able to get a nice premium on them as you have observed. You should check AllEngelhard for more info but the top one is a 3rd series Canadian Ingot <4,000, second one is 4th P Series <1,000, last is a 9th series <300,000.

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    Thank you for the help @doubleeagle07 !!!

    I know my buddy wants to sell them but I told him I would reach out to my friends on here because I had no Idea even what range he should be thinking when he takes them to the coin shop.

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    No specific pricing info, but this might help you identify the 'series/ICR/estimated mintage'.

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    Thank you @MetroD :smile:

  • I think you might see a couple hundred extra on the top 2 bars to an individual but probably not a coin shop... I dont know the 100oz bars that well though

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    Thank you @Silveryfire

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    Better to sell on the page here or online. The shops will try and pay you spot or less for silver typically.

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    Love all the help 👍

  • JDsCoinsJDsCoins Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the help everyone!!

    I guess my buddy want to sell them so I am going to make a post on here tonight with each one for sale haha

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