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    The Lincoln Road Show Project - working thread

    This project aims to encourage correspondence between members and play.

    Sign up to send a Whitman 9004 around the country and fill it with Lincoln cents that you don’t love because of their condition:; your damaged, cleaned, worn orphans from as many forum members and States as possible. Singularly these coins are unremarkable, Let’s put them together and create something different.

    I urge you to participate. Please post dubious remarks in the thread that announces the project that I posted earlier “Proposal for a forum project”. This thread is for volunteers to post the photos and members’ to post their wit.

    We will draw for the completed album if we finish, if it fails, I will get your coin back to you.

    Comment in this thread to volunteer to receive the folder and add a cent.

    Jzyskowski - 1919 S - from his grandfather, this cent is too nice for this. Colorado

    Tibor - 1909 P, 1914 P - Tennessee

    Fraz - 1909S, 1914 D - from an old Dansco folder on eBay - North Carolina

    I added the 2019 W in the 1909 S VDB pock as a small consolation for the person who fulls that slot with the SVDB.

    Up next:


    If no one gets in line at this point, I wiil pay postage to send it back to me and I’ll return your coins on my dime.

    It’s a sacrifice. Though, I would waste this money ordering rounds if we met. Thank you for helping,

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