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A Sick Mick Pick! (1968-70 Country Cookin’ Postcard - Batting - Mickey Mantle) NOW WITH PSA SCANS!

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If you follow the boards, you may recognize my handle and those here all the time know of my passion for the late, great Mickey Charles Mantle. I’ve collected Mickey’s cards, photos and other ephemera for a long, long time. As long as it’s from his playing days, I’m interested therefore 1951-1969 is the basic timeline and when you add up the gradable stuff, there’s about 400 items of varying scarcity (give or take) on this eponymous Master Set. A lot of the tougher items on the list were tangent to the Yankees. For example, the Mickey Mantle Holiday Inn in Joplin, MO produced a bunch of cool souvenir postcards and photocards…

UPDATE - adding the finished product to the first post

…and it was rumored that much of the souvenirs in Joplin were generated to prevent theft! Mickey saw it was still hard to keep the merchandise stocked so there was always a counter with apparel and souvenirs at just about every Mantle venture thereafter. As he neared retirement, Mantle opened a series of restaurants from 1968-1970 called Mickey Mantle’s Country Cookin’ with a down home menu and good food but a less than stellar business plan. However, the Yankees star did what he could to support his namesake franchises, appearing at their openings and other times in the off-season and upon retirement to sign for and greet fans at the eateries. It wasn’t enough but it did produce two highly coveted and rare collectibles. A 4x6 postcard that features a kneeling Mickey Mantle and an invitation to come on out and try the food on back and a second 5x7 one which documents via photo and then text on reverse one of the biggest moments of his storied career. Without further ado, I present for your consideration a beautiful signed copy of the 5x7 postcard.

1968-70 Mickey Mantle’s Country Cookin’ Postcard - Mickey Mantle (Batting)

There are presently four PSA graded copies of this postcard and once submitted, I do believe this has a really good chance to be the highest graded example.

Thanks for indulging me, CU. I always love to share a good grab with you good people.

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