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NEWP $5 Indian for the Type Set - (with a little help from my friends)

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Over the past several months, I've been communicating with quite a few other collectors from the forums pretty frequently. We discuss our collecting goals, the types of coins we're on the hunt for, and often will exchange opinions about coins available on the marketplace or coming up in auction soon. Im aware that many avoid talking about want list coins, fearing that others may compete in auction against them, but I've found that my relationships with other collectors help to enrich the "hobby" experience for me, and can be especially useful in situations like this. @Pedzola, who has a great eye for gold, was showing off his $5 Indian date set to me recently, and I had mentioned to him that I had been looking for a nice 64 or 64+ as my type coin. Over the past few weeks he had sent me a couple listings that were very nice, but weren't quite what I was looking for. Finally, this past week, he sent me a listing that made my eyes light up. This coin was in the HA "buy it now" inventory. I had noticed the the obverse was particularly clean, and the color was just spectacular. I sent an email to @MFeld to inquire and to gauge his opinion of the coin, and after stating "I like this coin" (For those that haven't communicated directly with Mark before, that means you should probably buy the coin 😂), he agreed that the obverse was especially nice for the grade, and the color really propped up the coins eye appeal. I sent off an Echeck and the coin was shipped within 2 business days.

The package arrived safely today, and I couldn't be happier with the coin. Although its one of the more common dates, these get really expensive in 65 and I think a 64+ is the perfect value grade. Half a point higher with a CAC sticker, and it would have been quadruple the price. Upon close inspection, you will see some contact marks on the obverse, but they're in inconspicuos locations that don't detract from the overall appeal. The reverse has contact marks consistent with a 64 grade, but again they're tolerable and not in prime focal areas. In my opinion the obverse is borderline 65 and along with its vibrant color, I think this example is well deserving of a +. Here is the TV and a photo I took in my bathroom, and I will also include the link to a video on my instagram page. Hope you guys like Floyd 🌈🤙



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