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Numismatic Book/Ephemera NewP's From The Houston Money Show (Lots of pics)

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I spent the last 3 days in Conroe, TX working the Houston Money Show for ANACS. I really don't collect coins anymore- I'm more of a buyer/flipper. My true collecting passion is ephemera, especially numismatic and historical Texas-related items. While there, I encountered a piece that made my jaw drop. One of the dealers had an original ticket to the Crush Train Wreck that took place in 1896 in near the town of West. Unfortunately, the dealer was on the fence about whether to keep or sell it. I checked back with him again on Saturday and he'd decided to keep it for now, but I let him know I was interested if he changed his mind.

Disappointed about that, I decided to visit Bruce the book guy, to see if he had the 2nd edition of Hibler/Kappan So-Called dollars, or a newer equivalent. He didn't, but knowing I collect numismatic ephemera, pulled out a ziploc back of newly acquired coin catalogs that were quite old. Looking them over I decided to buy some of them. None of these are rare, but they were all ones I didn't have. One of them had some other interesting items in it as well. Enjoy- the prices are definitely fun to look at!

2 B. Max Mehl catalog types I didn't have, the first from 1928 and the other from an unknown year (1930's is my guess):

1936? Illustrated Catalog and Price List No. 13 by Norman Schulz from Salt Lake City:

There were some other really cool items between the pages in this one, including the handwritten notes of a collector from long ago, and a flyer advertising the new commemoratives that had just come out or were coming out:

1912 New Hub Coin Book:

Early 1900's Premium Coin Catalog and Price List by C.F. Clarke and Co. Le Roy, NY:

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