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"the other" Frank Thomas (1929-2023)

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Obviously not to be confused with the 90s White Sox player. Still 93 1/2 years is not a bad run!

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    He was born in Pittsburgh and died in Pittsburgh. I like that. My Dad was born here on the ranch and died here on the ranch...he was 93 years old too, His last words, "Try being me."..... I like that.....born and died at the same place... Home Boys...They knew something....Something to shoot for...

    Not a Bad Life....

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    My main memory of Frank Thomas goes back to the ill-fated 1964 season for the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies acquired Thomas in August, and he was red hot. He was one of those late season acquisitions that sometimes win the pennant for you, but it was not to be. Thomas broke his thumb, and that ended his season. The Phillies went on blow the pennant in large part because manager Gene Mauch mishandled the starting pitching rotation.

    The next season, Thomas got into an altercation with Richie Allen, and that ended his career with the Phillies.

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  • @BillJones said:

    The next season, Thomas got into an altercation with Richie Allen, and that ended his career with the Phillies.

    And the aftermath probably cost Allen a better shot for the HOF.


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    I remember Frank used to set up a table on main street in Cooperstown during induction weekend to sign autographs. I spoke with him once or twice. Seemed like a nice guy

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    A solid player and seems to be under appreciated

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