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Random FUN observations and purchases

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Some context first...

After a 30-year hiatus, I started collecting again in earnest in late 2021. This was my third big show since then; I went to ANA Chicago in August and Long Beach in September.

This was a great show...

Having free admission really streamlines the admission process. You just fill out a name tag and go in.

There may have been slightly fewer vendors than Chicago (maybe not), but definitely more than Long Beach.

The lighting in the hall was good, as good as Chicago and better than Long Beach.

Compared to smaller local and regional shows, there is a much greater percentage of numismatic coins than bullion coins.

Parker was easier and cheaper ($10) than Chicago and Long Beach. Parking is in a large outdoor lot immediately adjacent to the convention hall as opposed to multilevel garages at the other shows.

I think there were 5 or 6 food vendors in the bourse room with many choices.

The comments in the other FUN threads about the solid showing by young numismatists is spot on. I saw quite a few very active buyers in their late teens and early 20s. I talked to one young man about 21 who must have looked at every coin on the bourse. He told me he will buy just about anything he can make money on, and most importantly, it sounds like he has developed a network of ready buyers for most of it. Smart.

Over the 3 days I was at the show, I made at least 2 complete trips up and down each of the 12 aisles in the bourse room each day, plus a bunch of side trips. By my calculations, I walked over 20,000 yards.

On to a few of coins...

I found a number of nice raw and slabbed coins in my area of collecting interest, pre-Civil War Classic and Liberty gold. I keenly collect New Orleans coins, but only bought one this time.

I also collect/restore/deal in vintage watches. I picked up quite a few at the show, so that was a bonus.


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