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FUN Newps and short report

messydeskmessydesk Posts: 19,704 ✭✭✭✭✭

Got back from FUN this morning. The nice thing about a 6:00 am flight from Orlando to Chicago is that I still have a full day ahead of me. The not so nice thing is that I barely slept last night. Had a great time at the show. Arrived Thursday a little after noon and got to meet @winesteven , as he was having me shoot a bunch of coins from his type set. As others have said, the show was quite busy. I took a look at his Indian cent exhibit but wasn't able to time it with when other board members were going to be there. He and I went to the PCGS Cocktail Party. Felt more like an airport lounge than anything else, but it was a nice 30 minute break from the show with nice snacks and an adult beverage. I could have made dinner of it were I not going out with some friends that night.

Friday was also busy for me. Shout-out to Heritage for accommodating my desire to borrow the 1921-S Zerbe strike Morgan they're selling (along with a Heritage-issued body guard for the coin) so that I could take some pictures of the coin and also the diagnostics for the die pair so that I could properly document it and add it to the VAM catalog. One of my VAM friends travels with a stereoscope with camera on it, so I got some good pictures. This will be listed as VAM 35 and is awaiting being found as a normal business strike. It doesn't make any sense for the SF mint to strike 24 coins and then scrap the dies, so I'm thinking there has to be some normal strikes from this die pair. I had about an hour to throw together a presentation about this coin for VAM Thing XX. Nice dinner with a group of about 25 people at Delmonico's that night. Biggest group we've had by far, including some younger collectors.

Saturday is typically more relaxing, but I was busier than expected. I had a chance to chat with John Dannreuther for a while, and he had a set of really nice half cent electrotypes show up at his table while I was there (31, 36, 40-49, 52). He talked me into pulling the trigger on an MA-Shops coin I had bookmarked back when the exchange rate was better. I consider that my 3rd FUN purchase, even though the coin won't arrive for a while. I'll probably post it on the Dark Side forum, although it's really a Gray Side coin

The first two purchases? The first was another matte proof Lincoln from Angel Dee's. This time a 1912 in PR66BN. He had a PR65BN I briefly considered, but this coin was far nicer and is a better match for my other coins:

The second was a nice 1826 50c (O-112a) in AU55 from Northern Nevada Coin

I did the NGC grading contest again. Just missed top 10 this time, but I'm going to say it's because NGC didn't grade at least one of the coins correctly. :)


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