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Post your favorite purchase of 2022

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End of year recap, boys and girls!
It's time to pull out that ONE piece that you were the most thrilled to acquire in 2022.
Here is mine, and it's not coin!

This is an original wax seal from the shop of Civil War die sinker, Joseph H. Merriam. Incredibly, it still has the receipt attached to it from 160 years ago! I guess it was never picked up or used by it's owner, though it has traces of ancient red wax on the seal. Maybe tested for quality control? "5.00, C.O.D" is scrawled on the tag, presumably in the hand of Merriam himself.
The seal is made of wood and a brass die, engraved with the initials "JRS." The tag fortuitously identifies the owner as J.R. Simms who must have embossed the tag with his own press as proof of the order, or more likely, an address for delivery or collection of funds.
Through a little research I found out that this belonged to the fairly well known author of 19th century history books, Jeptha Root Simms.
I was just thrilled to add this to the ever growing collection of the work of Joseph Merriam. New examples of his tokens and medals now appear very infrequently, so it is an amazing feeling to add associated pieces to the collection. (Which are even rarer.)

Here is an example of one of his tokens from my collection, ex. Bill Jones:

Happy New Years, everyone! Post your favorite purchase of 2022

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    RayboRaybo Posts: 5,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Old age?

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    MarkMark Posts: 3,522 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Raybo As a kid, I always wanted a small motto two cent piece. Unfortunately as an adult, I still want a small motto two cent piece. :) Yours is super nice and I envy you!!


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