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1977 Aluminum Cent - The Real Deal!

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There have been a number of aluminum Lincoln cents posted over the years. Some have been from the 1974 era and others are on foreign planchets.

Here's a really interesting 1977 aluminum Lincoln cent that that looks like its struck on a 1974-1975 planchet! And a nice thing is that it's in an older holder.

With over 1.5 million 1974 aluminum cents struck, it seems quite plausible for other planchets to be around in the Mint for this to be struck a few years later.

Can this be the most legit aluminum Lincoln cent that's available to own?

Mint Error News says the following:

This Unique 1977 Aluminum Cent is either:
• An Intentionally Made Mint Error
• On a Leftover Aluminum Planchet From 1974-1975
• A Pattern Struck in Aluminum

Here's the full article. I've been so busy, I missed when this was published!



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