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1998 Gallery Mint "One Concept" Dollar and a few related items.

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The highly coveted 1998 dated Classic Lady Liberty Head "One Concept" pieces were struck by the Gallery Mint in 1997. These pieces were struck in conjunction with Ken Bressett, Past President of the ANA, who was attempting to promote the use of the word "PEACE" on coinage throughout the world on year 2000 dated coins. Mr. Bressett distributed and promoted these pieces during the 1997 ANA convention held in New York City. They were struck on "normal" thickness planchets, in brass, have a plain edge, and a mintage of 110 pieces. There were also three pieces struck on piedfort (double thickness) planchets.

Mr. Bressett handed out the pieces in a small blue velvet box with his business card. Here is one of his cards that has been autographed.

Here is a letter that accompanied the 1998 Concept Dollar.

In addition, these elongated coins were made to promote the "Peace Through Coinage" Program. Mr. Bressett stated in an email dated Jan. 12, 2001: "The 'Peace 2000' elongated coins were rolled by Raymond Dillard....... He made several hundred of them for me, and rolled them on all kinds of world coins. Most of them are on Jefferson nickels or Canadian nickels. Others are on aluminum coins of Hungary that have a dove of peace on them. I gave these out all over the world."


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