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RIP Curt Simmons

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    Just like how Joe B Hall was the last surviving 1940s UK player.

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    As I remember it, Simmons could not play in the World Series because he was drafted.

    RIP, Curt. I only remember you at the end of your career when you were trying to come back.

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    I recall him as a St.Louis Cardinal.

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    I always thought of him as a Cardinal....

    I didn't know until now that he was a Phillies 1950 Wizz Kid....
    In 1967(?) he went to the Angels

    At the time I thought it was cool because he was on the 1964 Cardinals World Series winning team.....Anything to help that miserable Angels team! I don't remember seeing him pitch for the Angels...
    Hank Aaron and Stan Musial both said that he was the toughest pitcher they ever faced....... That says quite a lot.....

    For Goldenage....what ballpark was this photo taken in?.....

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