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ANA tokens...and the conversation never had.

I'm a new member to the forum with varied numismatic and exonumia interests, an example of which, I'll use for my first post.

I came across this token lot at a local dealers' table. My purchase was driven by the two Minnesota centric tokens located in the lower right corner. After purchasing the lot and reading the descriptions on the old manila envelopes, I realized that a collector's journey may have been immortalized by the simple handwritten descriptions. My suspicions were confirmed by a brief discussion with the dealer. It was an older gentleman who reluctantly parted with memories of past numismatic escapades.

So, it's an example of the conversation never had with that kindred spirit. The unanswered questions are many.
Was he a member of the Glendale city coin club in 1929? Did he attend all those ANA conventions? The list could go on and on.

When you look at your collections... do you ever wonder about the conversations never had?



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