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Another cool British post war NEWP by Benney

ashelandasheland Posts: 22,543 ✭✭✭✭✭

I previously posted the cups I got by Gerald Benney:

I got another piece, but an earlier piece, London, 1962…

This piece has an interesting Pedegree:
From Styles Silver where I got it:

”This is from the first large Corporate commission after the war for the Ionian Bank. The bank had been bought by Michael Behrens, a patron of Gerald, who was the first backer of North Sea Oil. Later he would give Gerald a bridging loan to purchase his property at Beenham. Behrens also owned the Hanover Gallery, the first to show the work of Francis Bacon. Other similarly crested pieces from the Ionian commission can be seen on pages 100 and 101 of Graham Hughes' book; 'Gerald Benney - The story of 50 years at the bench'”

I love that lion engraving! B)


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