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UK Mirror: "Doctors discover 187 coins in man's stomach after he complained he was 'bloated'"

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Doctors discover 187 coins in man's stomach after he complained he was 'bloated'
The man - who was suffering from a psychiatric condition - was admitted to a hospital in Lingsugur, India on Saturday with "stomach pain" before an X-ray revealed he had eaten 187 coins

By Ryan Fahey World News Reporter
12:34, 29 Nov 2022

Doctors have removed 187 coins from a man's stomach after he attended hospital with " stomach pain ".

The man from Lingsugur, India, swallowed dozens of coins of various denominations before being brought to hospital by his family on Saturday.

Doctors were shocked to find he had swallowed over 1.5kg of the coins over two to three months - leaving him heavily bloated and vomiting.

Pictures show the haul scattered across a table at Hangal Sri Kumareshwar Hospital in Bagalkot city, Karnataka, after being removed in a two hour surgery.

Other images show the coins neatly stored away in a line inside the man's stomach captured by perplexed doctors during an endoscopy.

Dr Eshwar Kalaburgi said: "He was suffering from a psychiatric problem. He had been swallowing these coins for the last two to three months.

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