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in light of an AMAZINGLY low flyover for a couple "jets" the other day, seriously; probably like 1-200 feet off the deck if that, and were SUPER DUPER loud but were going so fast that the sound before they arrived was pretty short as well as when they passed.

it is MUCH longer for say helicopters by comparison when they are flying low. you hear them coming FAR sooner and it lasts MUCH longer, along with prop planes of which probably several dozen times a year do they fly over.

SO, show us those (coins, medals, tokens etc) with tanks, jets, copters, battle ships, carriers etc

i'm no authority but this is close enough to what i saw flying overhead,

NO JOKE, from a distance for a second i thought they were drones. the image below doesn't seem as long as the ones that flew over but is pretty close for the few seconds i saw them and when they are low, go by much faster than if a mile up or more.

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