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Mexican Onzas back from ATS

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Way back in July I purchased a dozen 1979-1980 Mexican "Onzas". These are big, fat coins--bigger than a US silver dollar--that Mexico released between the removal of silver from circulation but before the desire for .999 pure silver one ounce coins became the norm.

I'd bought these to finish out a partial roll I had. And the dealer sold them to me for melt :o
But when I got home, I realized that they were are in better condition than I'd expected. Probably because they were all in individual flips. Since I'd paid so little, I boxed them up and shipped them off to NGC.

I was hoping I'd get a couple of MS65s out of the group.

Got them back last week.



The very best of the group. Nice, toned MS66 Onzas routinely sell for more than $100. Sometimes much more :)

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