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American Women Quarters On Sale Today - Nina Otero-Warren

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Wonder if the interest in these is starting to die down. I have my subscription of 3 rolls (Free Shipping) and will put another set in my cart. I have been selling one set to my local dealer shop for mint price and just putting the other 2 away for a rainy day.

Pops are all over the place and I see Finally someone is starting to Make MS 68 which will be the top pops I am sure for awhile. 2022-D 25C Maya Angelou Now has 7 MS 68 coins. 2022-D 25C Dr. Sally Ride now has 2 MS 68 coins graded.

Interesting that these are being released in the sets today and yet someone has found these in the wild already. 2022-D 25C Nina Otero-Warren with 5 coins being MS 68. 2022-D 25C Wilma Mankiller now has 7 coins graded MS 68 .2022-D 25C Anna May Wong and another 7 coins in MS 68. Interesting.....No P or S coins in MS 68 Yet. Thoughts?

I used to be famous now I just collect coins.

Link to My Registry Set.


Varieties Are The Spice Of LIFE and Thanks to Those who teach us what to search For.


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