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Hi there. I'm Drazzil.

I collect coins in a big way. I don't really have many other interests. I first started collecting coins as a three year old but after an EXTREMELY regrettable sale at the age of ten for a fish tank I went dormant for around 33 years. I started then stopped collecting bullion. Last November I bought myself an OZ double eagle gold coin and since then have been actively collecting. Mostly what I collect is world silver at melt. Not the easiest thing to sell if it ever came to it but most, nearing all the stuff I collect are coins that are fine or better. I've been looking for coin forums to post on. Tried to register at cointalk but I've been waiting to be "approved" for six months or so. Sent multiple messages but no joy. Anyhow, hi all and nice to meet everyone.

Also, mods, feel free to relocate or delete this post if it's in the wrong forum or is against the rules.



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