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Branch mint proofs

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Hello. Coin hobbiest.Im Sisco a coin collector as you all are to.im currently in possession of very,very, rare and extremely valuable Branch Mint Proof that I've had tucked away for many years now the only one know to exist. I was coin roll hunting one day going threw rolls of pennies and as I was going threw the 8th roll all of a sudden this proof coin pops out the roll ,I grabbed it put it to the side and kept looking threw rolls it wasn't till the next day I look at it again thinking that its a proof from the sanfrancisco mint I put it under a microscope and saw the D mint mark but was Shure that its a proof cent so I sent it to get graded back in 2016 having no knowledge of what I found,Well about two weeks later I get a email and a phone call from the grading company telling congratulations!!!! That I have a Branch mint proof cent that is super valuable and super rare proof cent plus with a (RPM) the coin is a (1969D/D / PR -67RB genuine 3'11 grams (Lincoln memorial PROOF CENT) and that its the only one KNOWN ,they told me they can't find no records of the Denver mint ever producing any proof sets or proofs for the public and somebody at the Denver mint produced this proof for employees or special occasions not for public.They told me that they can't put a value on it cause it's the only one to exist and that from 1968 till this day 2022 all proof are made at the sanfrancisco mint and should have a (S) and that there should not be no 1969D proofs cents to exist makeing it super valuable what do y'all think I should do


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