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My Last Ten Indian?

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My first 1907 pcgs64 Ten Indian was a keeper with almost perfect field and miss liberty cheek but I returned it due to a die break because I didn't know any better. Looking back, I still believe that coin was one of the best 64 coins I have ever seen. My second 1913 ngc64 was very clean and properly graded but I wasn't too impressed. My third 1910-D pcgs64 was a very nice soft yellow color and virtually no mark coin but I sold it after a few years. My last was (another) 1910-D pcgs64 CAC beautiful strike but kind of dull/boring color and housed in an old blue holder. I thought about sending it to PCGS for re-holder but wasn't sure how to deal with the CAC sticker :smile: and thus, I decided to let it go and told myself that I probably will never buy another Ten Indian in pcgs64. I even looked at some common dates in 65 grade but they did not quite impress me.

But here I am buying a Ten Indian coin again (pcgs64 OGH CAC). The coin is so lovely in hand that I intend to keep it in my pocket for a while.


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