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1915 PAN PAC Octagon Gold $50 Where is No. 1?

Does anyone know where the first struck Panama Pacific Octagonal $50 gold piece is today?
Is the pedigree of this coin traceable?
Just curious, out of my ballpark price wise.

1915 PPIE paperwork (Source)

List of Individually struck $50 Octagonal
Certified Sets

Struck by. Disposition
No.1 T.W.H. Shanahan. President Chas. C. Moore
(MintI Super). (PPIE)
2. President Chas. C. Moore
3. Capt. C. Miranda
4. Julius Kahn. Julius Kahn
5. Judge W.W. Morrow
6. Mrs. Lovell White
7. Mayor James Ralph Jr.
8. Judge W.C. Van Fleet
9. Mrs. James E. Tucker
10. Judge M.T. Dooling
11. W.S. Tevis
12. Mrs. W.S. Tevis Sold
13. Chas. W. Fay
14. James K. Moffitt James K. Moffitt
15. Frank A. Leach. Sold
16. W.J. McGee
17. Walker C. Graves
18. Rev. W.J. Fisher
19. Farran Zerbe. Reserved
20. Irving L. Steinman Sold
21. Louis Sutter. Reserved
22. Dr. Chas. A Dozier
23. Lansing K. Tevis
24. Dr. F. P. Dewey Gen, Geo. Goethals
25. Miss Anna Boettcher
26. Fred T. Huddart Reserved
27. John T. Carey
28. Miss Esther Caukins
29. T.W.H. Shanahan. Gen. Geo. Goethals The remainder of first one hundred certified sets were struck by various officers and employees of the U.S. Mint. (Some of the folks who struck the first 30 pieces were members of the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society) including of course Farran Zerbe, the head of the Panama Pacific International Expo coin sales.


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