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Does anyone know who made these fantasy coins? It was not D Carr. Is there a market for such coins? Thanks!!

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    edited July 16, 2022 8:51AM

    I thought these came from the National Collectors mint. I have a set of these stored somewhere. I'm thinking it was actually a set of 6 all time key dates. I'm also pretty sure they are merely silver plated. My set may be different than what you are showing.

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    I found this.


    As indicated in the link the product title is below and it is a 2015 and their description at bottom.

    1888-CC Morgan Silver Dollar NGC GEM PROOF - Nevada Museum Commemorative

    2015 Carson City Mint Collection 1888-CC Morgan Silver Commemorative NGC Gem Deep Proof-Like

    The Coins That Never Were

    Morgan silver dollars conjure up romantic associations with the Old West, westward expansion, and the sprawling railroads that connected the two coasts. From "sea to shining sea," Americans were filled with newfangled hope and pride. Opportunity awaited those who worked hard enough, and success stories grew as fast as boomtowns.

    Amazing things came from that era, including the telephone, the first automobile, and the famous cola brand that has become "as American as apple pie." However, three things were missing: the 1886-CC, 1887-CC and 1888-CC Morgan Silver Dollars. Because President Grover Cleveland felt the San Francisco Mint could handle the coinage needs for the region, production was discontinued at the Carson City Mint.

    Now, 145 years after the first coins dropped from Coin Press #1, you can have the opportunity to add the 1888-CC Morgan Silver Dollar to your collection. Blazing in 99.9% fine silver, each modern Morgan commemorative dollar is officially authorized and licensed by the Carson City Mint to be struck on the very same press that produced the first "CC" mintmark in 1870. Custom crafted dies were specially crafted for this release featuring the beloved Lady Liberty design on the obverse and the eagle design on the reverse. Each die was meticulously crafted to remain true to the 120-year-old details of the original.

    Each is authenticated, graded and encapsulated in Gem Deep Proof-Like condition by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), and is struck with the approval of the Carson City Mint. Very few coins bear a special pedigree such as this and the label is exclusive to GovMint.com.

    After President Benjamin Harrison, silver-supporter, was elected, the coin presses started to strike U.S. coinage once again with the "CC" mintmark. But, it wasn't until 1889, leaving a three-year gap in the series regarded by the Carson City Mint as "the coins that never were." Who knows when you'll ever have the opportunity to own this 1888-CC Morgan Silver Dollar again - struck from the same press. It's a must have for every serious Morgan Silver Dollar collector. Don't miss your chance to collect all three years! Secure yours before this limited commemorative proof sells out.

    https://youtube.com/watch?v=2YNufnS_kf4 - Mama I'm coming home ...................................................................................................................................................................... RLJ 1958 - 2023

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    Thanks!! Very helpful. The write up doesn’t describe mintages.?

    I am not responsible for the version of me you created inside your head...

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