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VEDS Example of 1954-S RPM-015

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I was looking through some 1954-S BU Rolls and found this VEDS example. I noticed the VEDS quality of the coin before I saw that it was an RPM that I did not recognize, but checking on VV I found it:

http://www.varietyvista.com/02a LC RPMs Vol 1/1954SRPM015.htm

This particular coin is an earlier die state than the VV coin, but still the same die stage.

I shot the coin in High Resolution and posted it to EasyZoom for viewing. Check it out here:


This RPM is a very shallow-punched type which probably does not exist into LDS. This is similar to a few others like 55-S RPM #1, 53-S RPM #26, etc. I would assume the extra punches on these coins were not "full", but instead were "setup" punches before the main punch, or possibly "bounces" after the main punch. Any way they were made, they would be quickly removed by die wear or abrasion.

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