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Tiny gold for Friday metalporn

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Closed on (sold) a property this morning and promised myself I'd buy at little gold or PT with some of the proceeds.
One of my dealers had an interesting mix, but nothing was thrilling me. And then they pulled out this little guy.

These were a weird little series struck in the 1950s celebrating the great chiefs or "caciques" of the indigenous Indian tribes around Venezuela. They were actually struck in Switzerland of .900 pure gold, in sizes from 1.5 grams up to 22 grams.
They've got a really cool old-school mid-century look to them.

I've always loved this series and have kicked myself for not buying more of them when I've seen them in the past. I think I've posted about them before--some of you probably have them.

I couldn't let this little 1.5 gram guy get away at about melt ($90). Essentially the same size, purity, and weight as a Mexican 2 peso.

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