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Results of My First PCGS Submission!

I got back the first coin that I've ever sent to PCGS about a month ago, and the TrueView of it loaded yesterday. Here's the story about this coin and the results:

Last August I attended my first coin show for my birthday, the Upstate Coin Show in South Carolina. I had a blast talking with dealers, making lots of great deals, and seeing great coins. My best pickup (and the cheapest) was this 1962 toned proof Lincoln, which I bought for only $2.

The following October, I sent it to PCGS by piggybacking on a friend's submission. Six months later, the results came in. I had predicted PR66BN, and it came back PR67BN! It's a pretty difficult grade to get, with a population of 20, and only 1 higher. This is actually my second PR67BN 1962, I bought one in February because I didn't think mine would grade a 7.

Below I've attached pictures of the coin raw, the coin show, and the TrueView. In my signature you can find a link that will take you to my PCGS set registry, which is for my toned Lincoln Cents. Feel free to let me know which 1962 you think I should use for my set, I'm still not entirely sure.


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