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5000 post give-away - Dansco Liberty Walking Half Dollars album #7160 -We have a winner!! DisneyFan

rec78rec78 Posts: 5,489 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Ok, I am not quite at 5000 posts, but will get there any day now. I am giving away a Dansco walking liberty half dollar album 7160 like new condition - Unused- to the first person who can guess my mom's first name or my maternal grandmother's first name. You get two guesses per post and only 1 post per day. They are common everyday names. These Dansco albums sell for $30-60 on e-Bay. Unbiased give-away - any forum member can play. This could go on for weeks or be over after the first post. You can post 2 names in one posting per day. No coins included in this give-away.
(These are not their real first names)
Best not to guess a name already guessed by someone else. You only need to guess either one to win.

edited to add:
Clue: My mom's name consists of 5 letters with no repeaters.
My maternal grandmother's name consists of 8 letters with some letters used more than once.



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