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What's with the huge rise in Venezuela 1 Million Bolivar the past few weeks

A pack of 100 unc notes WAS going for around 100 USD mid to end of April, now 500 to 600 USD... Any ideas???


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    edited May 11, 2022 8:34PM

    People paying big bucks on quality world currency. WPM sales from my table at recent show eclipsed coins in both sales and gross margin. Demand for quality world material very strong considering how high they have run up US especially generics. A Mexico NGC 64 second republic silver single digit pop coin got $400. A graded Texas scarce VF 1929 NBN got $550 on. Even my book of raw US and World collector coins in 2x2 (keystone margin) sold well.

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    If these notes are current in the World economy, perhaps it has something to do the increased U.S. demand for Venezuelan oil.

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    Could it be because these are now obsolete? It was just in September that Venezuela shed 6 zeros off of their currency, so that 1,000,000 bolivars became 1 bolivar, and printed new currency to suit. Maybe the collector price of these are starting to catch up...

    News article on the revaluation

    Image of the new bills:

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