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I have been collection coins for years now I love the hobby I look for errors and varties. But I have really been looking for a metal detector I was wondering if anybody can give me some advice on this. I think it's what I been needing to do for a long time and I will be doing it a long time. I take pride in what I do and when I do something I go all the way.I am a old country boy I am really close to where they had war many years ago there still finding things in that country. Plus I know we're old house youse to be that is the kinda metal detecting I will be doing so are they anybody can give me some advice. I would really appreciate it like I said I been collection for years I am ready for a change I got to get out of my office. The getting out and walking the only mountains would be good for me. Plus I know we're there is some big old lakes I thought of trying it first just to get a feel. I think anybody that can give me some advice like what kinda metal detector do I need for that kinda hunting. Thanks to all and happy hunting


  • Hello,
    I've been detecting for a while now.
    When I first started I bought a Fisher F4 decent starter detector it's cheaper and easy to use out of the box, but quickly outgrew that one. Then I went a little higher end detector and got a Garrett AT Pro nice detector for old house spots and civil war items a little harder to use but still pretty simple. I outgrew that in about 2yrs. Then I bought an XP Deus I've had for about 4yrs now, one of the best detectors for old house spots and civil war relics and really good for coins although much higher price and a little more difficult to use, just watch YouTube videos.

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    @Maddie ... Welcome to the amazing hobby of metal detecting. You will get a lot more advice in the next few hours/days. There are many experienced MD'rs here. I recommend getting a good detector first... Not a beginner model. Get instruction on the use of it. Try to join a club if there is one in your area. Also, get the associated tools such as a pinpointer, digging tool, pouch, knee pads. Good luck, Cheers, RickO

  • I just want to thank you guys for the information. I am a coin collector I look for errors and varties. I also look for old coins but in MS condition. But I think you all for the tips they will come in handy.

  • If I started off small how far deep will one pick up. And if I buy a cheap one when I do find something will it pick up the difference. In metal precious metals will it know the difference. This is what I am fraid off if I buy a cheap one.

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    @Maddie .... A cheap one will not go very deep, it will have little or no discrimination. My recommendation is to buy a good unit to begin with - otherwise you will just be either discouraged, or very soon buying a better unit. Cheers, RickO

  • Are they a good book to read or maybe some video on this stuff. I would love to be able to figure this all out. I don't want to go out there and don't know nothing about what to do. How close do you hold it from the ground stuff like that. Sorry to bother anybody with this stuff I am sure most of it is common sense but thanks for all the help cause I need it. I just been roll hunting hunting for years now and I am still finding some good things. Just opened a roll of nickel s and found two war nickles a 42s and a 44p not to bad. I also just found a 64d in MS condition it is so nice it looks like a proof coin. I have never seen one that had a strike as good as this one and the luster shiny look as this one. And found a 41p that is a Ms condition plus possible full steps. I found all of that in four rolls last night good find. This is why I do what I do I love my hobby it's something to pass it on one day thank you all again have a great day.

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    The best inexpensive metal detectors for finding coins are the Minelab Vanquish 440 and 540. Nothing else in their price range is anywhere near as good.

    When metal detecting, you should hold the coil as close to the ground as possible, scrape it in the grass.

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    @Maddie ... Have you checked in your area for metal detecting clubs? If there is a shop that sells MD's, ask them if they know of groups in the area. That way you could get 'hands on' instruction, which is usually beneficial. Cheers, RickO

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