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Five cent nickel now worth 12.5 cents

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    I didn't know that it's illegal to melt nickels - I thought that only pennies were illegal to melt.

    I'm wondering about clad coinage values now. PS - Now I see that the outer clad layer is only 25% nickel, but I can't find any data about the % of the copper core vs. the clad layers. Looks like a nothingburger.

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    Nickel sculptures to be the next tulip craze?

    Metal Composition: 75% Copper - 25% Nickel
    Diameter: 21.2 mm
    Mass / Weight: 5 grams

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    The nickel spike will reverse when - and if - the Russian situation is resolved.... So 'seize the moment'..... Cheers, RickO

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    i sold all my french .999 nickel coins 2 months ago on ebay it figures :D

    I still have about $300 face in canada nickles though

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    coinflation says $0.079 cents must be broke.

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    Spot and London futures markets closed for a week due to some large nickel miner being short squeezed and unable to meet margin requirements. London has set a max 8% move in a day limit. The whale has loans for their margin requirements before closure and will not be required to pay for new margin nor forced to close open positions.

    London futures online would not give me today’s quotes, only yesterday’s. Same for spot.

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    "WORTH" is such an interesting word. It would also be interesting if it were FREE to store bulk nickels, move them around, and smelt them into something useful.

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    If you are big enough, your losses will be catered to and be lessened. Did I say “Lesson?” Yes: be so large your losing bets will ruin the exchange and major players: you win or you don’t lose!


    What would save tsingshan and the lme from embarrassment would be the creation of a new futures contract with nickel matte as the deliverable

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