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Be careful buying shipwreck gold or other precious metals

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Gold bars sunk in 1740's and brought up in 1970's seized from U.S. auction and given to France.


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    seven artifacts returned to france including 5 gold bars , a gold coin and a human skull.

    My first thought went back to Tommy Thompson, and the SS central America. Tommy was the lead man who defrauded investors by keeping a large portion of the recovered Treasure.

    Tommy is still sitting in Jail last I heard with a stipulation that if he tells where he hid the loot, they;ll let him out. its been 7 years...

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  • JimTylerJimTyler Posts: 2,984 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hunting these artifacts since the early 80’s ??? Who pays their wages ?

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    @ricko said:
    Seems ridiculous after over 200 years that it could still be claimed. Cheers, RickO

    I was thinking the same thing.

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  • Uh oh... I have a 'shipwreck coin' but so far no claims have been made... :# Can't imagine how many other people would be indicted if said coins were traceable?

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    No problem, they all were buried on Oak Island before the ships were wrecked. :D

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    Does this mean my Admiral Gardner is “illegal 🤨”. And may need to be repatriated?😸. How about my $5 ?🙀

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  • BeeManBeeMan Posts: 360 ✭✭✭

    Why do people who find stashes of coins or sunken treasure insist on going to the press? I wouldn't tell anybody.

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    @BeeMan said:
    Why do people who find stashes of coins or sunken treasure insist on going to the press? I wouldn't tell anybody.

    If all of a sudden a bunch of raw 1850's double eagles show up at PCGS with obvious indications that they have been exposed to salt water for a long time someone is going to start asking questions.

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