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Images - Die Reverse Cliches of 1809 Madison Peace Medal JIP-6 & 1821 Maj. Gen. Harrison JMI-14

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I purchased these reverse cliches aka splashers from a direct decedent of a machinist-metal turner who lived a few blocks from Moritz Furst over Furst's life. The seller gave me a 1824 newspaper clipping of his descendent John C. Kinnan shown here. These images on these cliches are recessed and reversed.

The Madison cliche (Julian IP-6) is the second size, 62mm that I believe to be the rarest of the three sizes. Julian's Medals of The United States 1792-1892 says that this second size has an R below the trunk for Reich who was the die sinker. Looking at all of the second size Madison Peace Medals auctioned, none have the R and neither does this cliche.

The 1821 Maj. Gen. Willian Henry Harrison medal (Julian MI-14) is 64mm. This is the 1st obverse die as can be seen because the L in GENERAL is very close to the hair, the L on the second obverse die is considerably further away.

The map of 1796 Philadelphia streets shows the locations where both Moritz Furst and John Kinnan lived between 1801 and 1824. They lived only a few blocks from each other.

I'm speculating that Furst used Kinnan to turn his dies and then true the dies surface to its base before sending the die to be hardened, keeping one for himself. Since these cliches came from Kinnan's family member would Kinnan have created these cliches for Furst as proofs for Furst to see before sending them to be hardened?

Does anyone know anything about these? Can anyone share any information about how, who, why or what these were or would have been made?

These are truly beautiful, the detail is very crisp, even showing the pattern of the cloth of Madison's coat.

Always more to know!


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    I cannot add anything to your issue. However, those are remarkably detailed dies. Thanks for the pictures. Cheers, RickO

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