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Post your better date toned coins!

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As we've seen on this forum, we've seen lots of spectacular toned coins. When you look closer, it turns out that they are mostly the common dates for that series (1881-S Morgans, 1958-D Franklins, 1945 Mercury dimes). How about starting a thread of better date toned coins, not the usual common date stuff. This is not a knock on those coins, I just want to see some nice better or key date toners. I always wondered if there were monster toned 1883-S or 1884-S Morgans, but there doesn't appear to be any.

I've posted this coin before, but figure I'd use it to start off this thread. This is my two sided toned 1916-D Walking Liberty half dollar, which is a better date in that series. I have yet to see another decently toned coin of this date. Post yours if you have some cool toned dates!

1916-D PCGS MS-64:



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