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My Armchair FUN Show Report

ZoinsZoins Posts: 33,735 ✭✭✭✭✭
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So, I wasn't able to go to Florida for FUN, but I was able enjoy some coins and new pickups from Heritage and other dealers online.

Here are some coins that I enjoyed watching virtually along with two pickups, a 1883 Hawaii Hobo Dime and a 1861 Clark Gruber transfer die fantasy restrike struck over an Ireland 30 pence token.

Some interesting things on the Heritage watching.

  1. the 1877 gilt gold half union and the 1971-S prototype Eisenhower dollar sold for the same amount at $264,000.
  2. the prototype Eisenhower dollar was discovered by @19Lyds and was published by @Byers in Mint Error News.
  3. the 1847 large cent die cap sold for about 25% ($7,000) less than it recently sold for at Stack's just a few months ago

I was able to pick up two coins, the last two. Unlike all the other ones, the Hawaiian piece was from a dealer. I liked it because while I wasn't able to make it to FUN, I did visit Hawaii in December. The "1861" Clark Gruber Double Eagle on Ireland token is a piece I've been following for 6 years, so it was nice to pick it up. Given how visible "GEORGIVS III" is, I like to think of this a the "Freedom From King George III" piece ;)

Horatio Nelson Rust "1787" Silver Fugio Cent Fantasy

1847 Large Cent Die Cap Mint Error

Farouk 1877 Gilt Half Union

Farouk-Simpson 1884 Copper Morgan Dollar

Andrew Madsen Smith-Simpson 1884 Copper $10 Eagle

Newman-Simpson 1915 Copper PPIE Half Dollar

@19Lyds - Frohman 1971-S Prototype Eisenhower Dollar

1973-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Flip Over Double Strike

1883 Hawaii Dime Love Token

Jack Klauson "1861" Clark Gruber Double Eagle Transfer Die Fantasy Struck Over Ireland 30 Pence Token


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