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Engelhard silver bars and rounds?

Any Engelhard guru's out there in precious metals land? I have around 1000 ounces of Engelhard bars and rounds ; 1/10, 1,10,100 ounce and prospector rounds. What are the very collectable ones? How much of a premium do the run of the mill bars bring?


  • Sent you a PM. You can check ebay and see how much stuff has sold for on there. People tend to sell stuff at a better price on here cause their not paying fees to flea bay and PP.

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    I'm not a guru, but pictures of your assortment would help.
    Got any old pours?
    There is always the allengelhard site for reference.

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    Post some pictures here, and the bar guys can help.... Check closed auctions (ebay etc.) for pricing. The BST here is a good venue and no fees. Cheers, RickO

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    The 1/10 ounce rounds bring crazy premiums but the actual dollar value is fairly low of course. As mentioned old poured bars are always in demand at well over melt, +30% or more lately. I picked up 4 1 oz prospector rounds today at a local shop for $30/ea which as cheap as you'll find those. Don't let anybody tell you any of it sells for melt, not even the 100s. Post a few pics. It's always cool to see what we're talking about.

    Here's what I got today for $120 out the door. Best of luck.

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