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Shop burglary, Phoenix, AZ

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Apologies if this has already been posted, Doug Davis sent out the broadcast today

Offense: Burglary
Incident location: Phoenix, AZ
Investigating Agency: Phoenix PD
Report Number: 21-1756958

The Phoenix police department is investigating an early morning burglary of a local
precious metals dealer, which occurred, on 11//11/21. The suspects wearing masks and hoodies gained entry through the front door and removed the following list of bullion.

Stolen Bullion
1,240 Type 2 Silver Eagles (2 full strapped monster boxes and one open with 240
940 Silver Buffalo 1 oz Rounds (1 sealed cardboard box, like the picture attached) and one open with 440 pieces)
500 Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz (sealed box)
750 Silver Kangaroos 1 oz (sealed boxes of 250)
$1,500 Face of 90% Silver $500 face in halves, $500 face in quarters and $500 face in dimes.
Anyone with information contact:
Doug Davis
[email protected]


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