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Do I have a rotated double die obverse 1988 penny?

I have recently started collecting and I came across this anomaly..since I'm still very green at this I was hoping for some outside opinions before I get too excited..the reverse has a few errors as well, missing letters and small hole, not sure if this affects the price positively or not.. thanks in advance for looking!!


  • Here's a better full obverse view

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    Welcome, If your interest is in collecting cents, you may want to study pics of photo grade Cents so you know what uncirculated and mint state looks like. Our host has images to view. Good luck. Peace Roy

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    Welcome to the forum. I don’t see anything that would give the coin any extra value.

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    Much of what you see is due to plating defects and potentially corrosion. Since mid 1982, cents are made from copper plated zinc. It's not uncommon for them to have plating blisters. These are defects where the plating bubbles up and are not considered errors. If the copper plating is breached (it's approx 8 microns thick), the zinc can corrode and cause more bubbles like rust under a painted car fender.

    The line under the D on the rev may be a plating blister or die crack. Even if it's a die crack, it's considered minor and adds no value, especially on a damaged coin

    The missing letters could be due to a filled die or a poor strike. Note that the area opposite the missing letters on the obverse is the shoulder. It takes a lot of metal movement to fill that area during striking, so it's not uncommon to see weakness in that area on the rev. Once again, no added value

    Hope this helps

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  • Thank you very much, I've been staring at coins and YouTube videos trying to learn all I can for 2 weeks, I think I'm just desperate for a discovery

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    @Dangitbobby said:
    [ Thank you very much, I've been staring at coins and YouTube videos trying to learn all I can for 2 weeks, I think I'm just desperate for a discovery ]

    My advice for you would be to read articles on error coins from reputable sources on the internet then when you have a bit of knowledge at what you are looking at THEN add the Youtube Videos to your learning process.
    Here's a few sites to get you started - And remember to keep asking questions

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    Don't give up and keep the search going.
    In time you will probably find something and gain much needed learning.

    Kennedys are my quest...

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