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Bill Wyman [of the Rolling Stones] is a metal detectorist

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William George Wyman is an English musician, record producer, songwriter and singer. He was the bassist for the English rock and roll band the Rolling Stones from 1962 until 1993.

The E-Sylum (5/1/2005)
Jeff Starck writes:

"Wyman, 65, who for 40 years was part of one of the world’s
biggest musical phenomena, is the co-author of a new book
that expresses his love of digging up the past. Wyman explained:
"Metal detecting is more interesting than a new Stones record."

He co-wrote the book, a gazetteer of treasure troves found in
the British Isles, with his friend Richard Havers, of Duns,
Berwickshire. They have previously collaborated on music

Their latest work, Bill Wyman’s Treasure Island, is
published next month and is the culmination of an ambition
dating back a decade.

Wyman realises his hobby is sometimes perceived as "nerdy"
but his contribution could add considerable street cred to the
pursuit. He said: "I love it. It revitalised my childhood interest
in history and I find great stuff.

"I’ve found 200 old coins, Roman brooches and an axe from
1700BC. I’ve discovered Roman sites, all manner of 15th-
century artefacts, all of which are verified by the British

"Havers, 53, added: "Bill’s passion, apart from the Rolling
Stones, is metal detecting. He always said we should write a
book and so we did. We weren’t aiming to produce a scholarly
work but it can be a source of reference."

"He added: "Bill’s passion may raise a few eyebrows. It isn’t
really throwing televisions out of hotel windows, is it?"


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