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have coin prices increased in the same way sportscards have since Covid?

Got wondering the other day if US Coin prices have been on a similar trajectory as Sportscards since march 2019?

thought some of you guys are into both.


  • Good question and I'll be looking forward to seeing the replies. I have a few friends who are into timepieces and many watches have increased in value during the pandemic.

  • grote15grote15 Posts: 28,524 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Coin values are far less volatile...the meteoric rise in values for cards is unlike anything ever seen in the numismatic industry.

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  • I collect some coins (on a small level) and they have not risen like sports cards. It's mostly tied to the spot value of silver & gold. Silver was around $16-$18 an ounce before covid, then went down to around $11 when the financial markets crashed. Soon though, it jumped up to nearly $30 an ounce, and it hangs around $24 today. Silver coin prices (which is what I collect) followed a similar roller coaster based on the going rate.

  • craig44craig44 Posts: 5,692 ✭✭✭✭✭

    interesting. I wonder if the trend continues, whether top level sportscards will overtake the top coins for value. I know one coin sold for around 18MM this year. there is talk that the trimmed wagner and PSA 10 mantles would top 20MM when they come up for sale.

    I always considered the coin hobby as more valuable monetarily as a whole, but, if the current trend continues I wonder if that will change. Especially if you add in Sports Memorabilia. I have one friend who collects US coins and he tells me that every show he attends that it seems the average age of collectors is getting older. Anecdotal, but i wonder how true it is.

  • 2dueces2dueces Posts: 4,003 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Like the cards, depends on the coin. Huge jumps in high end product for collectible across the board. You name the collectible, there’s a record price with the right piece.

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    I collect Only ms 64 or better buffalo nickels and have actually seen the prices coming down Or stay flat. But that’s the only set I fallow. But I was also wondering about the hobby as well lately.

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