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Residential theft in Syracuse NY

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Incident location: Syracuse, NY
Investigating Agency: Syracuse PD
REPORT NUMBER: 21-430418

The Syracuse police department is investigating a residential burglary resulting in the loss of approx. $200,000 in silver bars, rare coins and rare Chinese paper money. A neighbor observed three dark skinned males wearing what appeared to be similar gray hoodies walk to the rear of the victim’s house. Two of the suspects were wearing protective masks. The victim advised the suspects ransacked the house and removed a small safe containing the property listed below.

Description of Property Stolen (Key Items sent by victim):
350 slivertown 10oz bar ,
1999 p sba $1 struck on experimental pl ms 66 ngc 17303062-002 ,
1967 1c struck on a 1967 10c ms 68 ngc 2000295-004 ,
1866 1c pcgs pr65 j-456 benson 60651.65/2788678 1978s 25c pr69 uc clashed dies ngc
4837460-004 1998 s pcgs pr69rd dcam close am 93529.69/31851416 ,
1972 s 25c over struck on 1951 Japan 10 yen pf 64 ngc 3431363-007 ,
2004 d Wisconsin 25c variety set ngc 2503794-(004-006),
1965 sms 50c obverse struck they ms67 ngc 3893500-001
1999 p pa 25c stk on experimental pl pcgs ms67 E5946.67/3714176
2004 s silver 25c Wisconsin obverse stork thru reeding pf69 ucameo ngc 4444384-006
1992 d close am 1c ms63rd ngc 2633170-001
2001 p 10c 25% brockage obverse strong clashed die obv/rev pcgs e5201.64/18478153
Pmg China 1990 100 yuan sg68 pick#889b
S/n gr26188140
Pmg China pick#880c* 1972 5 Jiao sg68 replacement S/n 3017744
Pmg China pick#880c* 1972 5 jiao sg68 replacement S/n 5640158
Pmg China pick#865a 1953 5 jiao sg68 s/n 2226044

Anyone with information contact:
Doug Davis
[email protected]


  • rickoricko Posts: 98,724 ✭✭✭✭✭

    A general burglary.... house ransacked so not specific target.... will have a problem moving most of the stuff in the safe since errors are a niche area of collecting and if kept in slabs, identifiable as stolen goods. Out of slabs, authenticity will be questioned and the thieves likely have no idea about the error. Cheers, RickO

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