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Sometimes something cool slips through the cracks!

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This is a very scarce pattern, made in the 1880’s, a few of the American silver makers made patterns similar to this. Mostly made by hand and made to look like an artifact from Ancient Rome or Greece. This example is made by Shiebler.

It came into the shop I work at today, in a pile of silver spoons and general scrap silver, I noticed it, and when my friend who owns the shop saw how much I liked it, he just gave it to me. >:) And to be clear, I told him what it was and of the relative scarcity, he wouldn’t take any money for it. Super cool day today!

They call it Etruscan or Medallion. Google that and you’ll see some really cool examples.

And the monograms of the period are works of art in and of themselves!


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