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Rahway 2010 .Across the street from the Mint, St George Avenue.

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There was a Nova Caesarea mint "new jersey coppers on St George Avenue now, just a marker with a coin icon

Google "Pesky VDI 92 and see my story there"


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    WOW!!! All in one session?? Or multiple visits? Show us some more detail please. Cheers, RickO

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    four ike dollars dated 1971 gives me the date it was buriedIt was a cache that was buried, as near as I can tell in 1971. Now, if you look at old maps of Rahway at that point and see in 1972 there were still houses there. 1973 they were gone. All the pieces shown in the 1st two pictures were on one day, one cache. The picture of the button, by the way it's heavier than a silver half dollar, that's all clad found here there and everywhere. NJ if you research it has a long history of commerce and industry and the finds are quite rich.

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    @ricko said:
    WOW!!! All in one session?? Or multiple visits? Show us some more detail please. Cheers, RickO

    Google "Pesky VDI 92" and see the old "friendly metal detectors site" I posted a lot more there.

    People tended to bury coins when they didn't trust a bank etc. this cache had a plastic wrap around it that deteriorated and would have been located diagonally off the rear corner of the existing home about 3 feet from basement corner.

    $$ -----3'----- I__basement
    I__ This whole area was called "E town" for Elizabethtown. There's a cemetery near by; people been deceased for over 250 years, unknown french woman beautiful woman mistress who was murdered, amazing stories of the town in 1777 , attack by the British etc. can be heard from the caretaker or locals, just go walk the cemetary, NO DETECTING, and he'll come out and ask what's up and you engage him in a conversation.

    The key is from the Ford mansion out on hwy 31 (if I remember the route correctly) in Buttstown ,NJ as well as the key brass lock cover.
    The badge is from above Elizabethtown, NJ "E town" the four I971 Ike dollars are shown. The faux large cents are for visual perspective.

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    Very impressive, Thanks for showing us. Cheers, RickO

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    Really nice haul. Peace Roy

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    Thanks for posting


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    Too cool!

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