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Another Lost Gold Ring Found

pocketpiececommemspocketpiececommems Posts: 5,606 ✭✭✭✭✭

I was talking to a guy on the walking trail this morning. He was telling me he had lost his wedding ring with diamonds in it last week in his yard planting a tree. He asked if I knew anyone with a metal detector. I told him he was talking to the right person. He informed me there was a finders fee for me if I could find it. After about 4 minutes I got a nice sound in the dirt by the tree. Started scraping dirt and I could see gold. The guy was so happy he just pulled it out of the dirt. I was going to leave and he gave me a $100 bill and asked if that was enough. Told him he didn’t owe me anything. Insisted I take it because the ring ment a lot to him. Guess it made both of our days


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