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Joy of the hunt...My first pop 1 discovery!

Before anyone gets excited it not a coin but rather an obsolete Civil War note but it was found while looking through coins of my brother.

Yesterday my brother dropped by with a big bag of stuff he had collected over the mid 1970s-mid 1990s.  A real mixture of stuff..................Some American eagles from 1990s, some Mexican gold, A Franklin mint album of 1 oz sterling U.S. presidents, a couple of counterfeit $5 and $10 gold liberty heads and a nice wheat cent album of red cents from 1940-1960.

What caught my eye was in a zippered bank bag that had some family papers and the note pictured below. Terrell county is a small county in eastern N.C. Population about 5,000 in 1860. No known connection to the family.

I told my brother about the coins but kept the red cent album to check for varieties and the note to research.
No luck on the cents but the note appears to be the first example of its kind. There are examples of non-issued residuals but this appears to be first example of a signed, numbered and issued note.

Value to be determined but none the less my first pop 1 find!


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