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keetskeets Posts: 25,351 ✭✭✭✭✭

After chasing down Pan American medals unsuccessfully for the past 5-10 year I finally was able to add one to my collection from yesterday's fist session at the March Stack's sale. I had hoped to own a Bronze example but "settled" for a Silver medal. :) Actually, I was surprised to have won: I had entered my max bid and although I was following live I hadn't intended to increase my bid, content to watch the price rise higher than I was willing to go and living to bid another day. In fact, I had PM'd with member Zoins and expressed as much.

I find this design to be quite breath-taking and iconically American. Many don't realize that the Hermon McNeil design from 1901 was actually somewhat of a precursor and inspiration for the James Frazier designed Buffalo Nickel. The inscribed name of the initial recipient, Benjamin Velasco, has proven to stymie me thus far. I believe he was Filipino due mainly to the fact that that's where my searches have directed me, but haven't found anything yet that tells me who he was and what he received the award for. Perhaps someone can help with either a direct link or a list of medal recipients from the Exhibition.

If you have one of these medals, and I know quite a few of the membership own them, please post a picture. I never get tired of looking at them.

Al H.


  • JustacommemanJustacommeman Posts: 22,847 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good catch Al! Congrats!!


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  • koynekwestkoynekwest Posts: 10,048 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've posted this elsewhere on the forum but I'll post it again-

    Original mintages for the Pan American medals is unknown, however, The St. Louis Republic newspaper from October 10, 1901, published a list of awards presented at the Exposition. There were
    887 gold medals,
    1,159 silver, and
    1,147 bronze presented.

  • GoldenEggGoldenEgg Posts: 1,903 ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is a wonderful piece. The design is spectacular. What I like especially, is the surface finish that was used for these medals. I can’t describe it precisely, but it is an extremely fine satin finish.

    Nearly all examples of this award show some evidence of handling...which of course is typical of many award medals of this size from the era. The bronze example that auctioned yesterday had some extreme chatter. Far worse than the “light rub” that was used in the auction description. Knowing you only through reading your posts here, I would bet that you wouldn’t have been satisfied with the bronze. Glad you settled, @keets!

  • braddickbraddick Posts: 22,529 ✭✭✭✭✭

    My favorite medal too. Both obverse and reverse are equally stunning. Not always the case with medals.


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