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How would you split the following 50 oz. purchase of silver?

I currently live in Colombia and it's very hard to buy silver here (especially North American minted). Unfortunately, the big dealers such as APMEX, JM Bullion, etc. do not ship here.

However, I recently came across a seller on Mercado Libre (our version of Ebay/Amazon) who has lots of silver he purchased at APMEX in 2012 when he visited the U.S. I would like to purchase 50 ounces from him. He has the following silver in stock, all selling at the same price per troy ounce:

  • 2012 - 1 oz Canadian Moose Silver Coin (seller has 30 in stock)
  • 1 oz Silver Bar - Walking Liberty Design (he has 30 in stock)
  • 1 oz Silver Bar - Buffalo (seller has 70 in stock)

How would you split 50 silver ounces between these three choices? Which would be more liquid later on when I decide to sell? (I intend to hold silver for a few decades at least). The seller is willing to sell any of the following choices at spot price and all three at the same price (no premiums), not matter any of these choices. Thank you for any help!



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