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Did you know there is a gold/silver/coin market on gunbroker?

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I had no idea gunbroker.com had sales of gold and silver. I mean, not tons, but there's money to be made. People at gun shows are trading bullion and US coins for ammo. Listing stuff is a good way to be contacted by people who are selling and don't wanna do it themselves, too.

You can accept alternative payments like cash or postal money order, PayPal, bitcoin, $eth, cashapp, zelle, Google pay, apple pay, square, visa/mc/disc, punches in the face, whatever. You and the buyer decide.

Gunbroker even has it's own card processing system. Their fees are attractive and you can do addons to listings like bold, colors, search engine optimization etc.

So, people pay you like Ebay but better, and you can use any method you want just like the BST or reddit or social media. There is an easy, back-and-forth feedback system and buyers keep better lines of communication than ebay. People seem really polite.

Accounts are vetted with a CC and driver's license or third party verification directly thru GB.

So, the person using the account is very likely that person and not an overseas scammer. There is accountability with your linked identity and linked payment methods. Also, lots of ppl just use their cell phone numbers and real names.

Buy some cheap 22LR and sell it at a loss in small lots and harvest that sweet, sweet feedback and those glorious internet points -> make money.


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