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Engelhard bar from local coin shop

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So I was driving near a local coin shop yesterday and decided to stop in. I needed a little bit more silver to finish a minting project for someone. They had Silver Eagles and some other forms, but as I had predicted, the premiums on all forms of physical silver were rather high (like everywhere else, it seems).

I asked if they had any unusual or collectible silver bars. The shop person said "no". And then he said "the only bar we have in the store is this one". He pulled out a 100-oz bar that was in the same exact size and shape as ordinary Engelhard 100-troy-oz extruded silver bars. I asked how much. $3,200 was the reply ($32 per troy oz). That seemed a little high. But I also recognized it as a rare bar. And current premiums on other forms of 999 silver are almost that much, if not more.

I was looking for relatively cheap silver to mint with. But I spent all my money and walked out of the store with 100-troy-oz of 999 silver that is in a form that is apparently rare (and so now I can't use it for the original intended purpose).

Anyway, here it is:

I've seen the 10-oz version of these before, but never the 100-oz.


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