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1821 B-2 Bust Quarter G-T-C : 200 Year Anniversary

For February, we have the 1821 Browning-2 variety large size bust quarter.

The 1821 Browning 2 variety is considered somewhat scarce, particularly in higher grades. It is called an R-5- in the Rea/Peterson/Karoleff/Kovach book on bust quarters, and R-4+ in the Tompkins book. The Tompkins book notes that the variety is available in all grades, but is particularly scarce in uncirculated grades. Also mentioned is that the obverse and reverse have different dentil counts. 123 for the obverse, and 122 for the reverse, while the edge reed count is 108.

The obverse and reverse both have distinguishing diagnostics, depending on condition, including....

The obverse die is was used for B-1 and B-6, as mentioned last month.
The die engraving lines between the 8 and 2 of the date that could be seen on the B-1 are now gone due to die lapping.
The first 1 in the date is farther from the rim then the second.
There is a small spur or spike at the base of the bust off the ribbon and above the 8.
There is another small spur or spike at the back of the lower curls, across from star 12.
There is a light die crack from the cheek, through L, and to the rim right of star 7.

The reverse die was also used for the 1820 B-1.
There is a die chip in the lower part of the 2.
There is die rust in several places on the reverse: below the 5, and above AME in AMERICA.

The example below was in an NGC holder, and crossed to PCGS. Feel free to guess the NGC and PCGS grades if you'd like, and comments are always welcome. If you have an 1821 B-2, please post a picture of it.


Searching for bust quarters.....counterstamps, errors, and AU-MS varieties, please let me know if you can help.


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