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Any interest in a monthly photo challenge? "And then I woke up..."

WeissWeiss Posts: 9,881 ✭✭✭✭✭
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From the poster who brought you METAL PORN FRIDAY™, how about a monthly photography challenge?

This would be a theme proposed around the first of the month: Holiday themed, seasonal, specific year, favorite coin by X designer, etc. Suggestions welcomed. We could even vote for a favorite.

As an example, here's a February challenge: If you're like me, you've had actual dreams over the years when you stopped into a brick and mortar you'd never seen before, or you dream you found a box in an attic, or there was a safe deposit box you forgot about. Whatever the dream, the coins are fantastic and either free or practically so...and then you wake up :)

So here's my February contribution to the photo challenge theme of "And then I woke up". If there's interest, we can make it a monthly thing. If not, enjoy the fantasy :)

**"I like you young man. So I'll make you a deal: $40 even but you have to take both." **

...And then I woke up :'(

We are like children who look at print and see a serpent in the last letter but one, and a sword in the last.
--Severian the Lame


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